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Branch News



Forthcoming Meetings


Until further notice all Branch Meetings at Woodford have been cancelled, We are however going to hold monthly meetings using Zoom, details will be advised nearer the time. Ther next meeting is scheduled to be on Thursday 13th August, we aim to have this as a special Anniversary theme and hope to have art least a couple of the original Branch Committee involved


Idiots guide to Zoom Meetings


Once I have set up a Zoom Meeting you will be advised of a link by the website or email or the Group page. The link will show you are invited to a scheduled Zoom Meeting, below that Join Meeting and below that a link which you require to click on. This then opens up a new page and at the top note a dropdown box showing Open Zoom Meet and below that two options, open Zoom Meeting or Cancel, click on the open button, you should then notice a box saying check audio settings, follow the instructions shwn to test your audio is working correctly. You should then either be given an option to continue or taken to the meeting, you will need to be given permission to enter. You will be able to see everything that is on the meeting, should you wish to appear on the screen, a small object in the left hand corner will show start video. It is not necesarry to do this and you can just observe the full contents of the meeting. Note that by using these means you WILL NOT download Zoom onto your PC. When the meeting is finished, I will close the meeting to all,. no need to do anything yourself


Meeting Venue (When applicable and able to return)

Our meetings will be held in the Lancaster Room at the Avro Heritage Museum at Woodford with a start time of 1.30pm (please plan NOT to arrive before 1pm). We feel that this will be a far more appropriate venue and will be of mutual benefit to ourselves and the Museum. We hope this new arrangement will enable most of our members and guests to continue to support the Branch, and will aslo give it a chance to prosper going forward.


Important Information regarding the Museum.


The airfield is an active construction site and it is essential that the following instructions are carefully followed


The route across the site is called the "Blue Route". You must follow the signs to the Museum. There is a speed limit of 20mph. This is used as a through route for all traffic and there is no stopping permitted. Please in particular note the 20mph limit, it will be strictly enforced!

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