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Branch News



Forthcoming Meetings


Next Months Meeting will feature Ian Lomax, Trustee of the Avro Heritage Museum with a pesentation entitled Avro Heritage - The Story so Far


For July we are pleased to announce that our Guest will be Phil Dunnington, Phil has flown hot air balloons in 89 countries, inclufing over the North Pole, Costa Rica, Namibia, the Artic, Mongolia and with colleague, David Hemplemann-Adams, he made the first historic crossing of the North West Passage in Nunavut, Canada


With over 2000 hours as a pilot, Phil has helped establish tourist and promotional balloon operations in Euope, Africa, South and Central America and South-East Asia. He has also set up his own balloon rides business in the English Lake District and Ireland



Meeting Venue


From January 2018, our meetings will be held in the Lancaster Room at the Avro Heritage Museum at Woodford with a start time of 1.30pm (please plan NOT to arrive before 1pm). We feel that this will be a far more appropriate venue and will be of mutual benefit to ourselves and the Museum. We hope this new arrangement will enable most of our members and guests to continue to support the Branch, and will aslo give it a chance to prosper going forward. Pleased to say that we have now completed our Programme of Guest Speakers for 2018. See the Meetings section for full details


Thanks must also go to Lloyd Robinson for helping to bring about this and for his efforts in arranging most of the 2018 meetings (details on the Meetings section on this website)


Important Information regarding the Museum.


The airfield is an active construction site and it is essential that the following instructions are carefully followed


The route across the site is called the "Blue Route". You must follow the signs to the Museum. There is a speed limit of 20mph. This is used as a through route for all traffic and there is no stopping permitted. Please in particular note the 20mph limit, it will be strictly enforced!

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